Billy Thompson

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About Billy Thompson

After working almost two years as a Realtor, I have decided that this job is for me. I began working with my father in the furniture retail business. He also had a busy coffee shop/ restaurant, so interacting with people has become a way of life for me.

O’Brien Realty is locally owned and offers all the services you expect to find with the nationally known companies, so when I retired from the furniture business and decided to work in real estate, it was perfectly natural for me to affiliate with O’Brien.

I am sixty-one and have grown up and lived in St. Mary’s County so I know and love Southern Maryland and have lived through many, many changes. The Navy Base has brought people here from all over the world and I believe that has fostered my like for travelling, which I have been known to enjoy. My other great interest is music. I have enjoyed many years of performing mostly in the bluegrass style, either on mandolin or guitar. This may not seem to have much to do with real estate, but I know it helps round me out as a person, and contributes to working with those I have long been acquainted as well as the new person in town.